The following is a list of publications grouped by themes:

  • Climate, science and empire;
  • Climate change: science and politics;
  • Histories of modelling climate change;
  • Visualising climate change;
  • Spaces of politics

A complete chronological list of publications can be found here.

Climate, science and empire

Mahony, Martin, and Samuel Randalls. Eds. Weather, Climate and the Geographical Imagination. Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2020.

Mahony, Martin. “Weather, Climate, and the Colonial Imagination: Meteorology and the End of Empire.” In Weather, Climate, and the Geographical Imagination, edited by Mahony and Randalls, 168–89. Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2020.

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Mahony, Martin. “For an Empire of ‘All Types of Climate’: Meteorology as an Imperial Science.” Journal of Historical Geography 51 (2016): 29–39.

Climate change: science and politics

Beck, Silke, and Martin Mahony. “The IPCC and the New Map of Science and Politics.” Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change 9, no. 6 (2018): e494.

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Histories of modelling climate change

Carlos, Jean, Hochsprung Miguel, and Martin Mahony. “‘Infrastructural Geopolitics’ of Climate Knowledge: The Brazilian Earth System Model and the North-South Knowledge Divide.” Sociologias 21, no. 51 (2019): 44–75.

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Visualising climate change

Mahony, Martin. “Picturing the Future-Conditional: Montage and the Global Geographies of Climate Change.” Geo: Geography and Environment 3, no. 2 (2016): e00019.

Mahony, Martin. “Climate Change and the Geographies of Objectivity: The Case of the IPCC’s Burning Embers Diagram.” Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 40 (2015): 153–67.

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Mahony, Martin, and Mike Hulme. “The Colour of Risk: An Exploration of the IPCC’s ‘burning Embers’ Diagram.” Spontaneous Generations 6, no. 1 (2012): 75–89.

Spaces of politics

Craggs, Ruth, and Martin Mahony. “The Geographies of the Conference: Knowledge, Performance and Protest.” Geography Compass 8, no. 6 (2014): 414–30.

Mahony, Martin, and Helen Pallett. “Boundaries, Territory and Public Controversy: The GM Debate Re-Materialised.” Area 45, no. 2 (2013): 249–51.

Conference and seminar papers

  • ‘Meteorology and British colonialism, 1897-1950’, Colonial Knowledges conference, Manchester, Feb 2020
  • ‘Assembling cyclones: the matter of the weather in colonial Mauritius’, History of Science Society Conference, Utrecht, July 2019
  • ‘Voyaging in a “mysterious element”: meteorological encounters and aerial empire’, Goethe University Frankfurt, June 2019
  • ‘Airships and empire: histories and geographies of the aerial future’, IHR Transport and Mobility Histories seminar, London, March 2019
  • ‘Atmospheric encounters: histories and geographies of the aerial future’ – QUB Geography seminar, Belfast, March 2019
  • ‘On the disunity of colonial science and society: meteorology in Mauritius’ – at European Society for the History of Science, London, Sept 2018
  • ‘Meteorology for ‘marginal climates’: colonial science in British East Africa’ – at European Association for the Study of Science & Technology, Lancaster, July 2018
  • ‘The genie of the storm: cultural politics of cyclone forecasting in colonial Mauritius’ – International Conference of Historical Geographers, Warsaw, July 2018
  • The World, the Air and the Future: Socio-technical imaginaries and the imperial discovery of the atmosphere’, Science & Democracy Network annual meeting, Jun 2018
  • ‘Atmospheres of anticipation: airships, affects and empire’ – at Anticipation 2017, Nov 2017.
  • ‘The skies above: meteorology and atmospheric imperialism’ – at ENIUGH 2017, Budapest, Aug 2017.
  • ‘Aerial empire: airship imaginaries and the imperial discovery of the atmosphere’ – at National University of Singapore, March 2017.
  • ‘An empire of the skies: airship science and the imperial discovery of the atmosphere’ – public keynote at ‘Weather Science, Extreme Weather and Disaster Histories’ workshop, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, March 2017.
  • ‘Sensing the weather: cyclonic reasoning and the spaces of weather observation in the southern Indian Ocean, 1851-1925’ – at ‘Science and Islands in the Indo-Pacific World’, Department of History & Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge, Sept 2016.
  • ”The World, the Air and the Future’: socio-technical imaginaries and the imperial discovery of the atmosphere’ – in the session ‘Where next? Historical geographies of the future’, RGS-IBG annual conference, Aug 2016.
  • ‘Weather and the colonial imagination: agricultural meteorology and the geographies of a contested science’ – paper presented in session ‘Weather and the geographical imagination: historical geographies of meteorology in practice’, co-convened with Sam Randalls (UCL), International Conference of Historical Geographers, London, July 2015
  • ‘An imperial atmosphere: meteorological mobility and the aerial geographies of Empire, 1925-1935’ – paper presented in session ‘Elemental empires: aerial and aquatic mobilities’, International Conference of Historical Geographers, London, July 2015
  • Situating internationalism in the atmospheric sciences: histories, geographies, climates and change‘ – seminar, Institute for Science and Society, University of Nottingham, November 2014